Sometimes, when you install a new version of Mac OS like Mac OS Sierra 10.9.4, you run the risk of resetting your Keychain password. When this happens, your Mac can slow down quite a bit as almost every process will trigger your Mac to ask you for your Keychain password. This is particularly the case when your Keychain password is different from your Mac OS password. For more tips that will help you fix various Mac OS Sierra problems and also performance issues, please go to If you are seeing your Mac ask you for your Keychain password every time you do anything onRead More →


Mac OS Sierra was released in October 2016. However, when a new operating system is released, only a few hundred thousand out of millions and millions of Mac users out there jump at the immediate update opportunity. Many wait and watch to see what other Mac users say after downloading, installing and playing around with the new OS. It was the same with El Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite or any of the older Mac OS versions. The problem is that Apple cannot possibly test all scenarios in which an operating system might be used. For example, there are millions and millions of apps out there andRead More →