Since the boruto episodes Next Generations manga continues to be interpreted into English, it’s time for me personally to discuss the most controversy topic that came out of it, that been is Naruto actually gone from the world of the living… Initially, I needed to write a review for this new episode of the manga but since majority of the manga was a recap of the movie “Boruto — Naruto the Movie”, I instead did a first impression of the manga that you can findhere. Instead I would like to talk about the issue that is if Naruto has actually been killed off in theRead More →

If you are new to the world of Manga, then here is an easy and brief guide for you. This particular Japanese comic is highly different from other popular comic series. Guess, why it is different? Well, not only it has various genres but also has a unique style of reading. If you think that you will be able to go through it just like the way you read other magazines, books or comics in English, then the idea is actually not true. Have a look at the reading style of this Japanese comic series online. It is true that in the beginning, one willRead More →

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